At Smokey Bear, we are all about seasonal ingredients cooked over an open flame: a form of cooking that is amazingly intricate, yet simple. The menu is constantly changing, dependent upon the best ingredients available at the time. We offer biodynamic wines, handcrafted cocktails and local beers. It's food and drink made with integrity and commitment, and it's served as if you're a part of the family... or one of our best mates.

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Chef owner Riley Aitken has always enjoyed the outdoors, and with that came his love of cooking with fire. He began his culinary journey in Denmark, where he honed his skills and use of seasonal ingredients. In 2015, Riley moved to Australia and stumbled upon chef James Viles and Biota Dining. Given an opportunity there, he developed his open flame cooking skill and ultimately became head chef. He has now returned home to Canada and is ready for his next challenge... Smokey Bear.