Wine by the Glass 

Rotating ‘Boujee’ Pour                                                                            MP


Sparkling                                                       Glass 5oz./Bottle

2020 Alberici ‘La Fogarina’ Emilia-Romagna, Italy (Fogarina)             $14/68



2019 Ferdinand Albariño California, U.S.A (Albariño)                          $17/84

2019 Nicoluzo ‘Gorgo’ Corfu, Greece, (Cacotrigi)                                      $14/68



2017 Stirm Rosé Sonoma, California, U.S.A (Riesling, Zinfandel)                   $14/68

2019 Calcarius ‘Rosa Puglia’  Puglia, Italy (Negroamaro)                   $16/80



2018 Calcarius ‘Bombigiana’ Puglia, Italy (Bombino Bianco)                         $15/72



2019 Airlie Bank Yarra Valley, Australia (Pinot Noir)                      $15/72

2017 Calcarius ‘Soul Mate’ Puglia, Italy (Montepulciano)                              $15/72             

2014 Suriol ‘Sang de Drac’ Penedès, Spain (Tempranillo)                                     $14/68









Aussie Spritz     Bizzarro Aperitivo, Sparkling Wine, Orange                            $15



Trop-Hop  Pisco, Aperol, Grapefruit Juice, Hazy IPA                      $15



Short & Stout    Confluence Alberta Dry Gin, Dolin Bitter Vermouth               $15

                                 Campari, Stout Ice Cube       



Mama Loves      Mezcal, Ginger, House Peach Habanero Hot Sauce, Lime      $15




Holy Smokes     Bear Face One Eleven Whiskey, Demerara, Coffee Bitters      $15

                   Smoked With Palo Santo Wood




Annex Craft Soda       Saskatoon Lemonade, Ginger Beer, Root Beer       $6

San Pellegrino            Sparkling Water                                            $2.50      Pop                     Coke, Diet Coke, Gingerale, Sprite                                $2.50

Partake Brewing         Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale                                                 $6   

Beer and Cider



Pint  Rotating Taps Ask Your Server                                             $7





‘Kinabik’ Pilsner Snake Lake Brewing, Sylvan Lake (355ml 5.0%)                      $7


‘Nectarous’ Dry Hopped Sour Four Winds, Delta B.C (473ml 5.5%)                $10


‘Cup of Ambition’ Mango Raspberry Slushee Sour 88 Brewing, Calgary   

(473ml 6.0%)                                                                              $8


‘Django’ Spiced White Ale Ale Architect, Edmonton (473ml 4.8%)                     $8 


‘Love Shack’ Hazy Passionfruit IPA Cabin/88 Brewing, Calgary (473ml 6.8%)    $8


‘May Long’  DIPA Blindman Brewing, Lacombe (473ml 8.8%)                   $8


‘TripHammer’ Robust Porter Blindman Brewing, Lacombe (473ml 6.5%)         $8


Amber Ale Hawktail Brewing, Rimbey (473ml 4.5%)                         $8


‘Pacific North-West Bru’ Cider Lekker Cider, Calgary (473ml 6.8%)                  $8


Large Format 


‘Best Fruits’ Fruited Sour Beer Burdock, Toronto (375ml 8.1%)                     $18


‘Jelly King’ Dry Hopped Sour Bellwoods, Toronto (500ml 5.6%)                     $18


‘Sylvanus III’ Golden Sour Snake Lake Brewing, Sylvan Lake (750ml 6.5%)    $20


‘Dressed Up to Party’ Cherry and Riesling Cider Revel Cider, Guelph (750ml 6.5%)                                                                                 $18

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